Dealing With Facial Acne

When we think of acne, we generally conjure up images of a teenager with a face full of red, swollen cysts. The problem with acne though, is that it can occur anytime from puberty onward and it can occur on various areas of the body – mostly the chest, face, back and neck. Because the facial acne is so highly visible, we will be dealing with that today.

Facial acne is cited by most sufferers as the greatest annoyance in their lives. Acne on the back and chest, whilst annoying, is a lot easier to hide. With facial acne, the problem stares you in the face when you get up each morning. So, what can you actually do about it?

The big disadvantage when it comes to facial acne is also one of the big advantages – I realize that sounds a little odd but think about it, it is out in the open, the skin can breathe and there is no friction on the face caused by clothing or carrying a handbag or backpack. Also, because it is so visible, it is easier to treat – you can see exactly what you are doing so you can target the acne properly on your own. The problem comes in when it comes to scarring – scars on your back won’t bother you nearly as much as scars on your face. If you have other enquiry about facial acne, read more.

Dealing with facial acne is a lot like dealing with any other type – you want to follow the same basic guidelines in terms of diet, exercise and a cleansing routine. If the acne is severe or if there are a lot of swollen cysts on your face, it is a good idea to consult a dermatologist. The danger with the cysts is that they are prone to rupturing and this is what leads to bad scarring. If this is your concern, you can schedule visits to your dermatologist in order to get injections – these injections help to calm the skin and make it less likely that the cysts will rupture. The cysts will disappear after a couple of days. With back acne, you might not feel that this treatment is worthwhile although it does help ease the pain associated with these cysts.

Once you are doing everything you can in terms of the basic guidelines, you might consider applying some sort of concealer to cover up the problem. Be careful to choose products with a water-based formulation and clean all makeup off your skin at night. Go to a makeup counter for advice on what products you would be able to use.